The Campus Cohort is a growing group of visionary interdisciplinary Georgetown faculty whose work embodies the mission and values of The Lab.

Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey Anderson is the Graf Goltz Professor & Director of the BMW Center for German and European Studies in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and Professor of Government, Georgetown University. Anderson received a BA from Pomona College in 1981, and a PhD in Political Science from Yale University in 1988. He has taught previously at Emory University and Brown University.FULL BIO

Daniel Brumberg

Daniel Brumberg is Director of Democracy and Governance Studies at Georgetown University, a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), and a faculty member for the St.Martin-Georgetown University Program in Buenos Aires. He previously served as a Special Adviser at the United States Institute of Peace, a Visiting Professor at Emory University and at Sciences Po in Paris,FULL BIO

Katherine Chandler

Katherine Chandler is a critical theorist and Assistant Professor of Culture and Politics in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.  Her teaching and research interests draw on science and technology studies, media theory, geography, political theory and art practice.

Her current research studies the pre-history of contemporary pilotless technologies to interrogate conditions that gave rise to their current use by the United States Military in the War on Terror.FULL BIO

Soyica Colbert

Soyica Colbert is the Chair of the Department of Performing Arts, Director of Theater and Performance Studies (TPST) and an Associate Professor of African American Studies and TPST at Georgetown University. She is the author of The African American Theatrical Body: Reception, Performance and the Stage (2011) and Black Movements: Performance and Cultural Politics (2017).FULL BIO

Rochelle Davis

Rochelle Davis is an Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Walsh School of Foreign Service. Her main research is on forced migration, war, and conflict, particularly Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons. Her first book, Palestinian Village Histories: Geographies of the Displaced, (Stanford University Press,FULL BIO

Christine Evans

Christine Evans’ award-winning plays have been produced in Australia, the US and the UK. She has produced plays for the American Repertory Theater, the Garage Theater, Playbox Theatre, Charing Cross Theatre, Perishable Theatre, Darwin Theatre Company, Belvoir St. Theatre, Vitalstatistix, and the Adelaide International Festival of the Arts.

Her plays are published by Samuel French,FULL BIO

Rabbi Rachel Gartner

Rabbi Rachel Gartner has served as the Director for Jewish Life at Georgetown University since 2011.  She is the author of numerous opinion pieces appearing in The Huffington Post, The Hill, and The Washington Post, and in national Jewish justice media.  Recent television appearances include CNN and Local Fox 5.  Rabbi Gartner is a co-chair of the national board of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights,FULL BIO

Mark Giordano

Mark Giordano is Director of the Program in Science, Technology and International Affairs, the Cinco Hermanos Chair in Environment and International Affairs, and Professor of Geography in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. His classes encourage students to look differently at the world by exploring topics such as the water crisis, the global food system,FULL BIO

Imam Yahya Hendi 

Imam Yahya Hendi is the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University, the first American university to hire a full-time Muslim chaplain. As chaplain he leads Qiyamul-lail and Friday prayers, counsels students, and offers retreats for both Muslim and non-Muslim students. A consistent advocate for interfaith understanding, Hendi is the founder and president of Clergy Beyond Borders and Imams for Universe,FULL BIO

Lise Morjé Howard

Lise Morjé Howard is an Associate Professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University. She has served as Acting Director of UN Affairs for the New York City Commission for the United Nations, a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, and she was the founding director of the Master of Arts Program in Conflict Resolution at Georgetown.FULL BIO

Maurice Jackson

Maurice Jackson teaches History and African American Studies and is Affiliated Professor of Music (Jazz). Before academe, he worked as a longshoreman, shipyard rigger, and community organizer. He is the author of Let This Voice Be Heard: Anthony Benezet, Father of Atlantic Abolitionism, co-editor of African-Americans and the Haitian Revolution and co-editor of Quakers and their Allies in the Abolitionist Cause,FULL BIO

Irene Anne Jillson

Dr. Irene Anne Jillson, Associate Professor, Georgetown University, has designed and launched courses in global health ethics, global health systems and politics, responsible science, global health research and challenges to international technology policy.  She also teaches medical/healthcare ethics and healthcare research to medical and graduate nursing students. Dr. Jillson, who holds a PhD in technology policy and management from Westminster University,FULL BIO

Shiloh Krupar

Shiloh Krupar is a Geographer and Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor at Georgetown University, where she serves as Field Chair of the Culture and Politics Program in the SFS. Her teaching and research interests, which span geography, architecture, performance studies, medical humanities, and environmental justice, have explored several interrelated areas: military landscapes; model cities; environmental and financial disasters;FULL BIO

Katherine Marshall

Katherine Marshall has worked for over four decades in international development, focusing on the world’s poorest countries. A senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs and Professor of the Practice of Development, Religion, and Conflict in the School of Foreign Service, she is the executive director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD),FULL BIO

Natsu Onoda Power

Natsu Onoda Power Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Theater and Performance Studies.  She specializes in the adaptation of non-dramatic literature for the stage, and development of new work through ensemble-driven processes.  Original plays and adaptations include Wind Me Up, Maria!: A Go-go Musical, The T PartyAstro Boy and the God of ComicsFULL BIO

Ricardo Ortiz

Ricardo Ortiz is Chair and Associate Professor of US Latinx Literature and Culture in the English Department at Georgetown University. His first book, Cultural Erotics in Cuban America, was published in 2007, and he is currently working on a second book, The Testimonial Imagination: Cold War Geopolitics and US Latinx Literature.FULL BIO

Mubbashir Rizvi

Mubbashir Rizvi is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Georgetown University. Dr. Rizvi’s field research analyzes the cultural significance of land relations, caste and religious identity to understand political subjectivity in Punjab, Pakistan. His teaching and research interests range from ethnography of social movements, historical anthropology, environmental anthropology and postcolonial theory. In addition to his research in South Asia,FULL BIO

Maya Roth

Maya E. Roth fills the Della Rosa Distinguished Professor at Georgetown, where she stewarded the development of the Theater & Performance Studies Program and was founding Artistic Director of the Davis Performing Arts Center. As scholar and artist, she brings expertise on cross-cultural adaptations of classics, feminist drama, and diasporic civic poetics. She has published widely on the plays of British-Basque-American Playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker,FULL BIO

Adam Rothman

Adam Rothman is a Professor of History at Georgetown University. He earned his BA from Yale and his PhD from Columbia University. He is the author of Slave Country: American Expansion and the Origins of the Deep South (Harvard 2005) and Beyond Freedom’s Reach: A Kidnapping in the Twilight of Slavery (Harvard 2015),FULL BIO

Deborah Tannen

Deborah Tannen is University Professor and Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University. She is best known as the author of You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation, which was on The New York Times best-seller list for nearly four years, including eight months as No. 1, and has been translated into 31 languages. FULL BIO