Mark Giordano is Director of the Program in Science, Technology and International Affairs, the Cinco Hermanos Chair in Environment and International Affairs, and Professor of Geography in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. His classes encourage students to look differently at the world by exploring topics such as the water crisis, the global food system, and the interrelationship between science and international affairs. Mark’s research focuses on solutions to natural resource problems, particularly as related to water. In addition to teaching and research, Mark works as a Doyle Faculty Fellow to encourage the creation of inclusive course content and as a Fellow in the Global Future(s) Curriculum Studio. He is a member of the Georgetown Environment Initiative and is a proud founding member of Georgetown’s India Initiative. Prior to joining Georgetown in 2013, Mark was a Managing Director of the Sri Lanka-based International Water Management Institute, winner of the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize. He was a trade economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Services in an earlier career.