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Photo from Noura


In this re-imagining of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, award-winning Iraqi-American playwright, performer, and Think Tank member Heather Raffo (9 Parts of Desire) examines the iconic play from a Middle Eastern perspective,MORE

Melanne Verveer at Portal 2


Portals enable individuals to come face-to-face with participants – full body – in a partner city across the world, conversing live as if in the same room.MORE

Photo of Generation (Why)Y co-director Asif Majid

Generation (Wh)Y: Global Voices on Stage

Generation (Wh)Y was an intimate live performance that moved through multiple spaces exploring real experiences from global voices and the poetry of everyday life. This immersive theatrical experience of innovative multi-media performances resulted from year-long dialogue and encounters between Georgetown students and youth from Egypt,MORE

Photo of Devika Ranjan and Georgetown Student Dance Partners

Amrika Chalo (Destination: USA)

Written and directed by one of Pakistan’s most celebrated artists, this hilarious send-up of US-Pakistani relations set in the Visa Office at the US Embassy in Islamabad explodes stereotypes through satire.MORE

Syria Trojan Women

Voices Unheard: Syria: The Trojan Women Summit

The Lab was scheduled to host this internationally celebrated production of Syria: The Trojan Women, performed by an extraordinary group of women refugees forced to flee their homes in Syria,MORE

Photo of Laterna Magika’s Anticodes

Laterna Magika’s Anticodes

Laterna Magika’s classic and typical use of film footage is replaced in Anticodes by projection and sounds from live sources. The production introduced real-time tracking to Laterna Magika,MORE

Photo of Freedom Theatre’s The Island

Freedom Theatre’s The Island

This classic South African apartheid-era drama, inspired by a true story, is set in a prison and revolves around a cellmate who is soon to be released, and another who is serving a life sentence.MORE

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