Year: 2022


Year: 2022


Festival of Forbidden Life

On the day of the festival, I arrive with the children – a busload of exuberance and anticipation. The bus climbs slowly up a rocky dirt road. I can see the years,MORE

The Lab 2022-2023 sTUDENt Fellows

The Lab introduces the 2022-2023 Student Fellows Cohort

The Laboratory for Global Performance is pleased to introduce the newest cohort of student fellows. The eleven student fellows will begin their immersion in workshopping and project collaborations to support their creativity while working at the intersection of politics and performance.MORE

The Lab's 2022/2023 Welcome Event at the the Fillmore

The Lab celebrates the 2022/2023 Year and New Office

The walls of Fillmore echoed with joyful laughter, enthusiastic conversations, and soft background jazz music as The Lab opened its doors to current and alumni student fellows , donors, friends and partners of The Lab.MORE

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