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Category: Blog Post

A Brand New Karski

Andrew Benator in the leading role, Jan Karski, during the Atlanta performance of “Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski” produced by the Lab.

The Lab’s theatrical production of Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski,MORE

Gathering at the Watering Whole

Gathering at the Watering Whole

The Lab hosts a poetry reading and book launch party for the first chapbook, Watering Whole, by Georgetown Alum and Red House program specialist for Environment, Justice, and Education, Jan Menafee.MORE


Festival of Forbidden Life

On the day of the festival, I arrive with the children – a busload of exuberance and anticipation. The bus climbs slowly up a rocky dirt road. I can see the years,MORE

The Lab's 2022/2023 Welcome Event at the the Fillmore

The Lab celebrates the 2022/2023 Year and New Office

The walls of Fillmore echoed with joyful laughter, enthusiastic conversations, and soft background jazz music as The Lab opened its doors to current and alumni student fellows , donors, friends and partners of The Lab.MORE

Greenhouse on campus

The Lab’s New Greenhouse

In fall 2020, the last thing we all needed was another Zoom call. Then, the Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics put out a call for proposals that was too intriguing to pass up.MORE

Devika Ranjan

I Pledge Allegiance: Making a Performance

When I moved to the United States, the first thing I learned was the pledge of allegiance; and before I even knew English, I could recite that this nation was “indivisible,MORE

Photo of performance of Paying Attention to the Girl

Paying Attention to the Girl

Storytelling, for theatremaker Caitlin Cassidy, is ultimately about justice. And justice arrives out of truth. Today, she understands the task of storytelling to be more difficult and important than ever.MORE

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