Project Catgory: Past Projects

A Virtual Performance Event Presented by the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University’s Theater and Performance Studies Program and Sojourn Theatre

As we hurtle toward what many are calling the most important election in living memory,MORE

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As part of the inaugural CrossCurrents festival, The Lab presented The Gathering, which brought together more than 200 visionary artists from more than 40 countries to celebrate and highlight how their innovative work harnesses the power of performance to address the pressing challenges of our world.MORE

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New York’s Phantom Limb Company, known for its marionette puppetry and multimedia theatrical production, has created this haunting response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in collaboration with butoh dance master Dai Matsuoka. MORE

In a public square, the audience, wearing headphones, moves through the space answering simple questions with wordless gestures. As the performance evolves, Dominio Público becomes at once a three-dimensional mapping of societal structures and an embodied exploration of individual agency and collective power.MORE

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