Kiyo Gutiérrez

Kiyo Gutiérrez was born in Guadalajara. She is a Mexican artist with Japanese, Bolivian, Indigenous, and Spanish ancestors. She studied history because she wanted to understand where she was standing. But she couldn’t find any answers in heteropatriarchal narratives. Then she discovered her path was in the body. She started doing performance art as a reaction against the brutal Mexican reality, which is a violent one full of femicides, disappearances, and constant and insatiable looting towards nature. She draws on multiple mediums including video, dance, poetry, sculpture, and sound. Ecofeminist, provocative, earthy, political, her performance pieces question established order and power, and explore the ties between female oppression and the destructive exploitation of Planet Earth. Kiyo performs often in public spaces and has participated in International Performance Festivals and events in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Spain, and the United States. She also participated in Debates, an editorial project for Colección Cisneros, and was part of the EmergeNYC 2021 alumni cohort. She believes it is essential to place the body into the ruptures opened up by instability, precarity, and pollution. To put it there is to resist, but it is also to plant a seed with ideas powerful enough to rekindle debates and to transform the collective imaginary. She is currently exploring the possibility of multispecies alliances and is working in collaboration with more than 40 thousand honey bees and other pollinators.

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