PHLOEUN PRIM is the Executive Director for Cambodian Living Arts. A visionary cultural entrepreneur, Phloeun has spearheaded Cambodian Living Arts’ transformation from a grassroots project reviving traditional arts to the leading cultural agency in Cambodia. Having set out a strategic vision and long-term roadmap for CLA at the beginning of his tenure, Phloeun has led the organization to extend its reach from local to international programming; to expand its community from the old generation of teachers to the new generation of emerging leaders, artists and entrepreneurs, and to evolve its role from straightforward transmission of traditions to stimulating expression and innovation. As someone born during the genocide, Phloeun is proud to have returned to Cambodia and be part of the movement to use the arts for healing, social transformation, and economic development. He is passionate about encouraging today’s expression, but remains inspired by the first work of CLA, the work of reviving oral transmission. It is that passing from generation to generation, that human connection to culture, that gives roots to curiosity about identity, and reinforces Phloeun’s strong belief that arts, expression, and imagination are primary needs.