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Wenjin Jiang

Administration and communications assistant

Wenjin Jiang, originally from Chengdu, China, is a passionate communicator and dedicated intercultural advocate. She is currently a graduate student in Communication, Culture & Technology at Georgetown University. Wenjin’s interest lies in supporting initiatives that bridge cultural divides and foster global dialogues through innovative cultural projects. Her journey into intercultural dialogue began with the “Looking China” Youth Film Project, where she explored and documented diverse cultural narratives. This pivotal experience deepened her understanding of global perspectives and honed her skills in creating narratives that resonate across different cultures. At China Central Television (CCTV), she supported initiatives that combined strategic communications with cultural promotion. In her role at Sijin Studio, a fashion design studio, she blended traditional Chinese costumes with contemporary fashion. Wenjin is excited to continue her journey at The Lab, contributing to projects that utilize the transformative power of performance to spark change and enhance understanding across cultures.

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