Trà Nguyễn

Trà Nguyễn was born in Hanoi, Vietnam but moved to Ho Chi Minh City at a young age. Since then, she has called this vibrant city home. She discovered her penchant for the stage in elementary school with a minor role, and by high school had written and directed her first original play. Earning a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, Trà went on to work with Sàn Art, contributing to various exhibition and education programs for contemporary visual art. This position encouraged her to observe the lack of experiments in Vietnamese theatre, and largely informed her establishment of an independent platform, The Run – A Theater Project, which engaged local artistic practitioners in a series of collaborative productions and discussions on the possibilities for cross-disciplinary experimental theatre in Vietnam. Trà’s original plays have been staged in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Tokyo. From Fall 2020, she will pursue an MFA in Playwriting through a Fulbright scholarship in the United States and will continue to develop theatre in response to contemporaneity and her catalytic aspirations.

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