2020-2022 Global Fellows Cohort


2020-2022 Global Fellows Cohort

Global Fellows '20/'22

The second cohort of Fellows started off in 2020, just before the pandemic, and will complete their tenure in the spring of 2022 at The Gathering. Their time overlaps with the third cohort thus providing an opportunity for cross-pollination and further relationship building between the groups. This second cohort hails from Vietnam, South Africa, Kenya, UK, Egypt/USA, Colombia/USA, Mexico, Nigeria/Canada, Russia, and Zimbabwe. They are playwrights, producers, performers, organizers, directors, and innovators and like the Inaugural cohort, hold a range of complex identities as artists, activists, professionals, and people.

“Practicing and existing in the global south occasionally disadvantages you from the rest of the world. There appears to be an invisible man-made wall for meaningful association and collaborations. Being part of the Lab has unfastened precious and stimulating connections with people from all over the world. I now have a second home that has broken all those barriers.”
-Lloyd Nyikadzino, ’20-’22 Fellow

Meet the 2020-2022 Cohort

Collaborative projects from the 2020-22 cohort