This global symposium, tied to an international festival at the Goethe-Institut Washington, alternated between planned audience integrative experiments and reflective response sessions. Visiting experts from Austria, Switzerland, Germany as well as Think Tank member Michael Rohd (Sojourn Theater) and local theater artists from dog & pony dc, gave presentations which encouraged audience participation and highlighted their aesthetics, methodology and practice. 

In participatory theater, audience members interact and engage with the performance and the artists. This shift in the artist-audience relationship opens up opportunities to question form, aesthetics, and content in theater art, civil engagement and social justice.

Love and Revolution (Photo by Kemal Aslan)

Produced in partnership with Zeitgeist DC (Austrian Cultural Forum Washington, Goethe-Institut Washington, and the Embassy of Switzerland) and in cooperation with Shakespeare Theatre CompanyStudio Theatre, dog & pony dc, and Sojourn Theater.