Among the key features of the Lab Fellows program is an annual in-person convening during which The Lab brings together the ten exceptionally promising Lab Fellows for a week-long artistic and cultural exchange. Building our monthly digital meetings, the summer residency offers an intensive, in-person opportunity to model the intersection and interplay of culture and politics that lies at the heart of The Lab’s work, as well as provide our global Fellows with extended exposure to and interaction with their peers and their mentors at The Lab.

“Progress. Development. Evolution. Support. Gift.”

-Manuel Viveros

During this week-long cultural exchange, the Lab Fellows led workshops that shared their artistic practice, participated in radically inclusive group discussions, and created original performance pieces together.

Out of this time, the Lab Fellows established new ways of working across artistic practices, languages, cultural backgrounds, and experiences. Additionally, several on-going collaborative partnerships and projects began during our time in Southend.


“I left with a much more nuanced understanding of my function as an artist, my role in the world, and the powers at my disposal to be able to accomplish what I want.” -Velani Dibba

“My time in Southend was a real revelation—it was a reminder of why I got into the arts, which is to create work that can and should make an impact. From the movement workshops, dance, storytelling, games—it all seemed to be carefully curated in a way that only served to make my passion for being creative grow.” -Gideon Jeph Wabvuta

Learn more about the inaugural Lab Fellows: Faisal Abu Alhayjaa (Palestine), Reem Alsayyah (Syria), Jumana Al-Yasiri (Syria), Caitlin Cassidy (US), Chankethya Chey (Cambodia),  Velani Dibba (US), Asif Majid (US), Devika Ranjan (US), Manuel Viveros (Colombia), and Gideon Jeph Wabvuta (Zimbabwe).

The Lab Fellows Program is funded in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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