Elizabeth Nalunga is a rising senior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, majoring in Comparative Studies between North and East Africa and the Middle East. She is focusing on the history of colonialism and the cause and effect patterns that have lead to the nature of current electoral systems. She is also studying Arabic and French, and looks forward to one day working abroad with civically engaged communities. As the recipient of a 2013 Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild award, Elizabeth has been blessed to spend many years in the theater and is excited to be part of The Lab as it is a space that blends two of her passions. She believes deeply in the power of celebrating the progress and humanizing the issues that are taking place across the globe. She is grateful to be at a university that not only shares the same belief but actively joins in the work of bringing these affairs to life and to our attention through the arts. Elizabeth began working at The Lab in the Spring of 2017.